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  • Warehouse Rack

    Warehouse Rack

    K/D and user-friendly.Customer can build the Warerack without any tools.

  • Precisional stamping brass parts

    Precisional stamping brass parts

    It is precisional stamping parts.Made from brass and used on car as electronic couples.

  • casted Stainless hardware

    casted Stainless hardware

    The stainless casting is not as easy as the iron casting.Iron is softer.cast steel requires more attention and inspection throughout the casting process, making production more resource intensive.

  • Acrylic Tray

    Acrylic Tray

    The Trays is to keep your bath counter or vanity well organized. Crafted from substantial, blue tintedl clear acrylic, they're very durable and are perfect for holding soap, lotions, towels, jewelry or any of other cosmetics in this acrylic tray .

  • Hand cleaner Station

    Hand cleaner Station

    The hand cleaner station can be custom made to any height.It is available in black,white and silver.KD structure.

  • Multifucational Garment Rack

    Multifucational Garment Rack

    Cretive features: This multifucation garment rack is very capable as it can load as many clothes as possible. MDF shelves gives this display a different feature than standard metal garment rack. The height of rack and shelves can be adjusted to the level to fit your needs.

  • Metal componets

    Metal componets

    Those are various custom made for our customers.It is made specific to our customs needs.This is only give you a general idea of our capacity.XMAC do lots of items from stainless steel,brass,alumium and sheet metal in many finishes.

  • Floral Bucket

    Floral Bucket

    We have a selection of the floral buckets.It is avaiable in different size and colors.Made from impact-resistant ABS plastic, ourbuckets are sturdy, and most are attractive enough to transfer your flowers beauty in nature way.

  • LED Lamp Housing

    LED Lamp Housing

    It is a heavy duty casted LED Lamp housing.Very strong.

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