• Floral Bucket

    Floral Bucket

    We have a selection of the floral buckets.It is avaiable in different size and colors.Made from impact-resistant ABS plastic, ourbuckets are sturdy, and most are attractive enough to transfer your flowers beauty in nature way.

  • CNC Acrylic

    CNC Acrylic

    CNC Acrylic

  • Acrylic Display

    Acrylic Display

    Acrylic Display Custom Plastic Injection Molding

  • Cosmetic Tray

    Cosmetic Tray

    Cosmetic Tray Acrylic Product Display

  • Injection Plastics

    Injection Plastics

    Injection Plastics Custom Acrylic Display Stands

  • Acrylic Box

    Acrylic Box

    This acrylic box is also a custom items.Our customer loves the production and rerun it manys times for 3 years.At the beigning state,we thought it is only a small production but still do our best.Finally it turns out a very good project.

  • Acrylic Sign Holders

    Acrylic Sign Holders

    It is high quality acrylic sign holder.It is made from blue tint acrylic.Normally most of inexpensive version is made from yellow tint acrylic with many bubbles on the glue.Our sign holders has a few bubble on it and it is nicely done.

  • Plastic forming box

    Plastic forming box

    Our customer send us the sketches and we use our knowledge and experince to redesign it for our customers.

  • Plastic Display

    Plastic Display

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