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  • Acrylic gadget display

    Acrylic gadget display

    --The acrylic display is used to display a high quality electronic gadget. --The inside of acrylic display is a CNC machined 10mm thick acrylic. --The body of acrylic gadget dispaly is made from 2mm thick sheet metal. --OEM acrylic dispaly is welcome.

  • metal proggressive Stamping parts

    metal proggressive Stamping parts

    We provide many precisioal stamping,blanking,deep drawings and compound die stamping solutions for you producuts.

  • acrylic brochure holder

    acrylic brochure holder

    It is avaible in many size,big or small.Table top or wall mounted.

  • 3 Tier shelf

    3 Tier shelf

    This metal shelf is desig

  • MDF Garment Table

    MDF Garment Table

    The MDF table is made of Melaimed board finish. This wood table will enhance any retail environment significantly and available in three different style.Withe the different matrix,you can display your clothes more efficient.The finish is really smooth and easily to maintain. The design will display folded apparel by size, color or style. Folded apparel on tables.It works very well with other garment racks for those you hanging your clothes on.

  • K/D Display

    K/D Display

    The metal display is very strong and stable.It is k/D struture so it save lots of transportation costs and while maintian its strong metal feature.The assembly is user friendly.Only a few tools like screw driver and allen wrench is required.One person can assembly the whole units.

  • Acrylic Sign Holders

    Acrylic Sign Holders

    It is high quality acrylic sign holder.It is made from blue tint acrylic.Normally most of inexpensive version is made from yellow tint acrylic with many bubbles on the glue.Our sign holders has a few bubble on it and it is nicely done.

  • Plastic Shelves

    Plastic Shelves

    The plastic shelf is made from acyrlic and is fabricated using glue.various size of the shelf is availble.It also can be injected mold.The advantage of the glue construction is no tooling charge and required less q.t.y per order.However,there will be bubbles at the joints.

  • Custom Made Acrylic display

    Custom Made Acrylic display

    It is also a custom made acrylic design.Our customer send us the sketch and we prototype and fabricat the production.It is widely used in one retailer store in US.The customer visited us and spent 3 days at our facility.He worked together with our team to design and redesign the display.

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