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  • Stainless Hinge

    Stainless Hinge

    Stainless Hinge

  • Aluminum Hinge

    Aluminum Hinge

    Aluminum Hinge Custom Made Aluminum Hinge

  • Aluminum Parts

    Aluminum Parts

    aluminum parts

  • CNC Acrylic

    CNC Acrylic

    CNC Acrylic

  • Metal Shelf

    Metal Shelf

    All made from 4.5mm thick sheet metal.The welds is very clean and smooth.The weld is strong and can withstand the fatigue test by prying it with heavy bar.

  • Wire Rack

    Wire Rack

    Those wire rack are light weight.Can be custom made to different size and function and different finish include copper vein.

  • Metal Fixtures

    Metal Fixtures

    The rack is 65"H * 43"W .* 18"D.KD strucure and can be loaded into one carton.The load capacity for this metal rack is very heavy.

  • Display Hooks

    Display Hooks

    Hooks can have finish like chrome plate and galvanized and all kinds of color.

  • Wood Fixtures

    Wood Fixtures

    It incorporate the wood,plastic metal into one Display.The lighting factor can also be introduce to make it more trendy and versatile.This production is also KD structure to make the shipping more economic.

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