• K/D Display

    K/D Display

    The metal display is very strong and stable.It is k/D struture so it save lots of transportation costs and while maintian its strong metal feature.The assembly is user friendly.Only a few tools like screw driver and allen wrench is required.One person can assembly the whole units.

  • Plastic Shelves

    Plastic Shelves

    The plastic shelf is made from acyrlic and is fabricated using glue.various size of the shelf is availble.It also can be injected mold.The advantage of the glue construction is no tooling charge and required less q.t.y per order.However,there will be bubbles at the joints.

  • Custom Made Acrylic display

    Custom Made Acrylic display

    It is also a custom made acrylic design.Our customer send us the sketch and we prototype and fabricat the production.It is widely used in one retailer store in US.The customer visited us and spent 3 days at our facility.He worked together with our team to design and redesign the display.

  • MDF Table

    MDF Table

    The top is made from 18mm melained MDF.Table body is made from metal tube.It is very stable and strong.

  • MDF Cothes Table

    MDF Cothes Table

    Table frame is chrome plated. Table top is made from Painted MDF. Stable and user friendly.

  • Plywood table

    Plywood table

    The table top is plywood with wood veneer.Plywood top+metal frame tables are very strong in just about every serious party rental company, hotel, or event venue. Plywood tables are preferred in many environments for several reasons, including the availability of commercial-grade materials, a surface that under a tablecloth feels solid, easier maintenance over the long term.This plywood table.It give you a look a hardwood but more economic than the hardwood.

  • Gondola Rack

    Gondola Rack

    It is very versatile and standard rack for supermarket.The shelves q.t.y can be increase or decrease.It is also adjustable and put on different angles.The gondola rack is at the best to use its space so customer can display various of items include some heavy duty items.

  • Showcase


    The showcase can be assemblied in 15-20 minutes. Lock and lights and other accessories are need order by sepereately.The metal frame is available in different color like black etc.

  • Mannequin Stands

    Mannequin Stands

    This Stand can shown the mannequin best enhancing the visual presentation.The Base can either attached or unattached to the cube.The simple style,availabe in many colors,are designed to show off the best features of your merchandiser.

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